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Wild Animals Grrrr

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Linea horizonte.gifLinea horizonte.gif    
1. Tick the animals you can see:  
Lions                                  Zebras                                Birds
Turtles                                Hipo                                    Rhino
Elephant                             Tiger
Linea horizonte.gifLinea horizonte.gif
2. Answer: What animals are they? BIRD    GIRAFFE     LION Download Perro (200Wx35H)    
         RHINO       MONKEY       ZEBRAS
It is a .                     It is a .                               It is a .
It is a .                                They are .                          It is a .
Linea horizonte.gifLinea horizonte.gif
3. For each question choose: Yes, it is. / No, it isn't.  
Is it a TIGER?           Is it a MONKEY?        Is it a GIRAFFE?
Is it a ZEBRA?          Is it a RHINO?      Is it an ELEPHANT?
Is it a LION?            Is it an IGUANA?           Is it a BIRD?

                                                  Is it an IGUANA?
Linea horizonte.gifLinea horizonte.gif
4. Complete the answers. Write: Yes / No.       Gatito.gif
Are they ZEBRAS? , they are.                                    Are they MONKEYS? , they aren't.          
Are they LIONS? , they are.                                        Are they ELEPHANTS? , they aren't. 
 Are they RHINOS? , they aren't.                                 Are they MONKEYS? , they are.
Are they IGUANAS? , they are.                                    Are they TIGERS? , they aren't.                        
Are they RHINOS? , they are.
Linea horizonte.gifLinea horizonte.gif

By Mica Boron