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Listening and exercises - Use of Past Progressive and Past Tense

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1. Listen to the 2 stories and tick the correct statement:
The man's story
The man was walking home.
The man was driving home.
It was early in the morning, 8 o'clock.
It was dark.
He walked through the forest.
He walked through the sidewalk.
The woman was wearing black clothes.
The woman was wearing white clothes.
The woman was floating towards the man.
The woman was running towards the man.
The man got scared and started running.
The man got scared,
started running and fell down.
The woman had a white a face like a goat.
the woman got a white face like a ghoast.
The woman's story
 The woman was walking home on the sidewalk.
 The woman was walking home through the forest. 
It was in the morning.
It was getting dark.
The woman saw group of teenagers.
The woman saw a lot of agressive dogs.
The woman felt comfortable to pass next to them.
The woman felt uncomfortable to pass next to them.
They looked strange.
They looked nervous.
At the end of the story, nothing happened to the woman.
At the end of the story, the woman was attacked by them.
2. Complete with Past Progressive

People outside yesterday morning.

The weather  cold this time last winter.

to the radio this morning.

They .

What about last night?

Yesterday at six, John  to the airport.

3. Choose Simple Past /Past Progressive
I the newspapers when he  in.
When she  an accident, she to work.
As Tom , we .
Just as I out, the phone .
Nobody  while the teacher .
Who  my job while I  in hospital?
Bob and I  to the office, when it suddenly  to rain.
While I  the exercises, you  games.