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Escape From Poverty

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Escape From Poverty


To See this video with a reading transcript go :HERE:

NOTES:  First watch the video. Secondly watch the video again whilst reading the transcript. There is an interactive transcript at the side of the video, by clicking onto any part of the transcript the video will repeat that part.


Answer the following questions regarding the video:

1. How much time has Jacqueline dedicated to the problems of poverty?                        


2. How does she define the real issue of poverty?                                                     


3. What is the size of the Mathare Valley slum?                                                                


4. The Mathare Valley slum is populated by how many people?                                                             


5. Mama Rose has been renting her dwelling in the Mathare Valley slum for how long?                                


6. In what way does she make money to send her children to school?                                          


7. Jane had two dreams! What were they?                                                          


8. Where was Jane's husband?                                                                                                   


9. What was the worst thing about being a prostitute?                                                        


10. How much was the deposit needed for Jane's house?                                                               


11. How much does Jane have to pay for her monthly mortgage repayment?                


12. What doesn't poor mean according to Jacqueline?                                                             

Discuss with your teacher the following points;

1. What can we learn from Jane's example?

2. What can we do as an individual to help people in a similar situation?

3. Do you think the government of Kenya could do more to improve these situations?