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My Hobby

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 1.John is a   reporter of a school newspaper. Here is his article  about pupils        

                         of his school. Read the article and answer the questions.


Many pupils of our school have interesting hobbies. Lara is 11 years old. She likes writing poems and painting pictures.

Tom is 15 years old and he has very interesting hobbies. He likes dancing,

designing Internet sites and playing piano.

Robert is almost 13 years old. His hobbies are playing football and reading detective

stories. Our pupils do many interesting things and they are very busy.

They also love different subjects. Tom is the best pupil at math. Lara is good at art and literature and Robert is one of the best pupils at PE. Their hobbies help them study well too.



  Tick T(true) or F(false).

Lara’s hobby is math.

Playing football is Robert’s hobby.

Lara is good at art.

Robert is 15 years old.

Tom is good at literature.           

John is a reporter.

Choose the correct word.

Tom, Robert and Lara are

Lara likes

Tom’s hobby is

Robert is  years old.

Lara is good at


Tick the correct answer.

1. How old is Robert? 13 16
2.Who has the most hobbies? Lara Tom
3.Is Tom older than Robert?  Yes No
4.Who likes to play football? Robert Tom
5. Is playing piano Lara's hobby? Yes No
6. Who writes the article about hobbies? John Tom

Complete the sentences, using the words from the text.

1. Lara is  years old.

2.Tom likes designing

3. Robert is the best pupil at

4. The hobbies help them

5. Reading stories is Robert's hobby.
2.Look at the pictures and choose what kids like to do.





      Tom likes

   My brother likes

     The girl likes

   My friend's hobby is





    His hobby is

   The kids like

            She likes

          We like

3. Look at the pictures and tick what hobby the people have.

 Her hobby is teachingplaying 



Her hobby issleeping cooking


His hobby is skateboardingriding a bike


 Her hobby isdancing  walking


Their hobby isreading fishing


Her hobby is reading drawing