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Little Red Writing Hood

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A. Watch the video and answer the questions.
B. Now answer the questions.
1.What was the name of the girl?
 Little blue riding hood.
Little red writing hood.
Little red riding hood.
2. What was in the basket?
Snacks, toys and something to read.
Icecream, cookies and pizza.
Magazines, books and notebooks.
3. Which cookie letters were there in the basket?
A, B, D, E, G
B, C, D, E, F
A, B, C, D, E, F
4. Which cookie letters did the wolf take first?
A, B, D
C, D, A
A, C, D
5. Which noodle letters did the wolf take?
H, H, I
H, I, J
X, Y, H
6. What did the wolf steal from Little Red Writing Hood?
cookies, pizza, chocolates and apples.
cookies, noodles, blocks and magnets.
cookies, noodles, books and magnets.
C. Now find the words from the box.
 birthday, wolf, bad, goodies, noodles, grandma, basket, anything, butter, letters


´Hope you enjoy it!
Teacher Osiris