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 Traditionally in Costa Rica, the most popular means of transportation were walking, horse, boat, and oxcart.  Then in the late 19th century railways were built to facilitate the export of the main agricultural crops, coffee and bananas.  Before the development of railways, transportation was very slow; it could take weeks for oxcarts to travel from the Central Plateau to the ports.  Also since there were no paved roads, it was very uncomfortable.

Now transportation in modern Costa Rica is easier, faster and more comfortable.  A network of expressways paved and unpaved roads means that buses, cars and trucks reach almost every community in the country.  People can travel to the towns and cities to work, to study and to buy things not available in their local easily.  International airlines take Ticos abroad and bring many tourists, particularly destinations within Costa Rica.

However, modern transportation has its disadvantages.  The sharp increase in road traffic means that roads, particularly in and around San Jose are often blocked by traffic jams; pollution is reaching dangerous, and many people are injured or die in road accidents.



According to the previous text choose the appropriate alternative to complete the sentences. Write the complete option that best completes the sentence on the given space.


1)         Before the 18th century, __.

  • many of the roads were paved
  • man built the railway to help himself
  • the means of transportation were very slow
  • there were many ports near the communities


2)         After the development of railways, __.

  • boats traveled faster to the ports
  • the use of oxcarts was increased
  • man could export banana and coffee easily
  • men took two weeks to travel to the Central Plateau


3)         The transportation system in Costa Rica ___.

  • has only paved road now
  • gets to most of the communities
  • is as uncomfortable and slow as before
  • are formed by walking, horse, boat and ship, nowadays


4)         The text says that __.

  • Costa Rica has a well developed transportation system
  • there is no way for people to travel to the nearest town
  • international airlines are not for foreigners
  • Tico airlines reach every community 


5)         One negative consequence of modern transportation is the ____.

  • easy and fast transportation everywhere
  • traffic jam in the main roads
  • decrease of road accidents
  • availability of more roads