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Beans, beans and more beans.

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Beans, beans and more beans

Situation:Moro and Danny are asking their sister Sue for dinner.

Moro:What a day! Iím so hungry I could eat my boots.

Danny: Whatís for dinner, Sue?

Sue:†††††† Beans.

Danny: Did you fix a salad?†††† † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † †† †††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††

Sue:††††† Sure, I did. It's beans salad.

Danny: Whatís for dessert?

Sue:†††††† Bean pie.

Moro:Sue, we are tired of eating beans!

Danny: Weíve had beans for sixty-seven days! All you cook is beans, beans and beans!

Moro:†† Donít you know how to cook anything else?

Sue:†††††† Well. I only cook what I like to eat and I like beans, unless I know how to prepare a delicious potato salad and a healthy green salad.

Moro:†† Well. Iím going to order some pizza.

Danny: Yeah! Pizza!

Sue:†††††† Okay! Okay! If you donít want to eat these beans tonight, thatís fine.Iíll just serve them for breakfast tomorrow.

According to the previous text choose the appropriate alternative to answer the questions. Write the complete option that best completes the answer on the given space.

1) Who dislikes beans? ____ dislike beans.

  • only Sue
  • Moro and Sue
  • Danny and Sue
  • Moro and Danny

2) What kind of salad does Sue offer them?††† Sue offers __.

  • a green salad.
  • a potato salad.
  • just beans salad.
  • a salad made of potatoes.

3) What are they going to eat tomorrow morning? † They are going to eat __ tomorrow morning.†

  • beans for breakfast.
  • a delicious dinner.
  • a piece of pizza.
  • vegetables.