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Ending Hunger Now.

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Ending Hunger Now


NOTES:  First watch the video. Secondly watch the video again whilst answering the questions. You can return the video to any given point and relisten for the answers to the questions.

Answer the following questions regarding the video:

1. How many people woke up today not knowing how to fill their cup with food?                                
2. Who said "To a hungry man a piece of bread is the face of God"                                          
3. What is one of the most fundamental acts of civilization?                                
4. How often do we loose a child to hunger?                                                                                
5. How much does the food for Humanity vitamin pack cost to produce?                                                  
6. Where were "Boom & Bust cycles of hunger" defeated?                                                         
7. Instead of giving out the food aid we.....                                                                      
8. How many food items can the women get with the "Bon Appetite" card?                                             
9. Into how many countries is food now delivered?                                                                                  
10. What idea has Bill Gates supported?                                       
11. What is the cost to the world of malnutrition?                                                                           
Discuss with your teacher the following points;
 1. What do you consider to be the biggest problem to effective famine relief?
 2. Why do you think that Africa has the most outbreaks of famine?
 3. What can each one of us do to help?