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Multiple choice test

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1. When the actors walk on to the  the play begins.
a) pavement   b) stage  c) landing   d) platform
2. Are they from Spain?
a) Yes, they are here  b) Yes, they were  c) Yes, it is  d) Yes, they are
3. Where is she from?
a) of France  b) in France  c) from France  d) French
4. Are you two American?
a) No, you aren't  b) No, we aren't  c) No, I'm not  d) Not, we are not
5. I like Coldplay. Can I have a record of
a) them  b) their  c) they  d) theirs
6. I go to bed late  Saturdays.
a) in  b) every  c) on  d) at
7. What time do you get up?
a) At nine and a half  b) At thirty past nine  c) At half past nine  d) At nine past half.
8. How far is your house  the bus stop?
a) since  b) from  c) of  d) with
9. Would you like to go for a walk?
a) Yes, I'd love to  b) Yes, I love to  c) Yes, I like to  d) Yes, I want
10. My birthday is  June the 14th
a) in  b) on  c) at  d) about
11. Shall we go to the cinema tonight?
a) Yes, we will  b)Yes, we shall  c) Yes, go  d) Yes, let's go
12. How long have you lived in England?
a) By four years  b) Since four years  c) For four years  d) In four years
13. Her English is very good! Well,  English for eight years.
a) she studies  b) she has studied  c) she is studying  d) she had studied
14. This isn't my handbag..?
a) Whose is it  b) Who is it  c) Who's is it  d) who's it
15. Oh good! At last the sun
a) shines  b) shine  c) is shining  d) shones
16. I  the dentist for three years.
a) haven't seen  b) don't see  c) didn't see  d) saw
17. I'm hungry.  anything to eat yet?
a) Hadn't you  b) Have you  c) Haven't you had  d) Haven't you
18. She's a friend of .
a) me  b) my  c) I  d) mine
19. I arrived  the station at five.
a) at  b) to  c) towards  d) on
20. There are very  people in the room.
a) little  b) less  c) few  d) much
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