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Soup Ladle Stops Tiger Attack

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A man has been rescued from a near-fatal attack by a tiger in northern Malaysia by his wife.
She entered the fray wielding a wooden soup ladle at the tiger - which fled.
Tambun Gediu, now badly lacerated and recovering in hospital, had tried hitting the tiger away in vain and says his wife saved his life.
Wildlife rangers plan to track the tiger and send it further into dense, unpopulated jungle in the northern state of Perak.
"I was trailing a squirrel and crouched to shoot it with my blowpipe when I saw the tiger.
"That's when I realised that I was being trailed," Mr Gediu said after surgery.
The tiger pounced not far from the Gediu home in a jungle settlement of the Jahai tribe.
Mr. Gediu had tried climbing a tree to escape the animal, but was dragged down by the tiger.
His wife, 55-year old Han Besau, rushed out of the kitchen on hearing his screams and used the kitchen implement to good effect.
"I was terrified and I used all my strength to punch the animal in the face, but it would not budge," the New Straits Times newspaper quoted him as saying.
"I had to wrestle with it to keep its jaws away from me, and it would have clawed me to death if my wife had not arrived."
It was the first time anyone in the village had been attacked by a tiger.
The director of the Department of Wildlife and National Parks in the state, Shabrina Mohd Shariff, estimated that there were about 200 tigers in the jungles of Perak.
She added that five had been spotted near the major East-West Highway in the region.
Exercise 1. Are the following statements true or false? Write T for True or F for False.
1.   A tiger almost killed a man in northern Malaysia.
2.  The man hit the tiger and saved his wife’s life.
3.  Wildlife rangers are going to find and kill the tiger.
4.  No people live in the jungle in the northern state of Perak.
5.  When he saw the tiger, the man shot it with his blowpipe.
6.  The man and his wife live in the jungle.
7.  His wife was in the kitchen when the tiger
attacked him.
8.  Tiger attacks are common in that area.
Exercise 2. Match the underlined words in the text with the definitions below and solve the crossword.
1 2
3 4 5


1.      with a lot of trees growing close together (adj)
2.      a fight (n)
3.      a tool, or a simple piece of equipment (n)
4.      with no people living there (adj)
1.      a large deep spoon with a long handle (n)
2.      a small village (n)
3.      to move your body close to the ground by bending your knees (v)
4.      to jump quickly in order to catch something (v)
5.      to find a person or animal by following the marks they have left behind (v)
6.      to move slightly (v)
Exercise 3. Here is a summary of the news article. Fill in the gaps with the correct articles, definite (the) or indefinite (a).
 man has been rescued from  teeth of  tiger in northern Malaysia by his wife and one of her cooking utensils.
Tambun Gediu was outside near his home when he was attacked by  tiger. When he tried to climb  tree to escape it,  animal dragged him back down.
But when Gediu's wife used her wooden soup ladle to hit  tiger on  head, it fled  scene.
Wildlife rangers plan to track  beast and send it further into  unpopulated jungle nearby.
Exercise 4. How much do you know about tigers? Try the following quiz to find out.