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Look at the picture of Sue and Tina.��
How are they alike?
How are they different?�����������������������

��������������������� Sue ��������������� Tina

I) Based on the clues below, choose the correct options to complete�����
�� the�sentences.��
����� E.g.: A) SHORT- Sue isn't as short as Tina
a) TALL�- ��isn't������
b) CLOTHES / CASUAL� - aren't
/ LONG -�� isn't
d) PURSE / BIG�-���isn't
e) CLOTHING ITEMS� isn't wearing�
/ LONG �isn't
g) LIPSTICK / DARK �isn't
h) MAKEUP�� Sue���Tina.

II) Complete the sentences with the same meaning by choosing the correct options.�
E.g.: I have fewer shoes than my sister.
����� I don�t have as many shoes as my sister does.

a) My sister is more interested in fahion than I am.
��� I'm not �in fashion as my sister is.

b) My father used to travel more often.
�� My father doesn't travel �he used to.

c) My sister likes comfortable clothes more than stylish ones.
�� My sister doesn't like stylish clothes �comfortables ones.

d) My mother has less free time than she'd like to.
���My mother doesn't have �she'd like to.

e) Fitted jeans are more stylish than baggy ones.
�� Baggy jeans aren't �fitted ones.

f) I have fewer friends than I'd like to.
�� I don't have
I'd like to.
g)�My�mother�buys more clothes than my father.
�� My father doesn't buy �my mother.
h) Lucy has more money than I do.
���I don't�have �Lucy does.
i) I drive faster than my father.
�� My father doesn't drive �I do.
j) My teacher speaks English more fluently than I do.
�� I don't speak English �my teacher does.
III) Fill in the sentences with the words below.
QUICKLY��������� OFTEN����������GOOD��������� IMPORTANT��������� HARD��������� MUCH
a) I exercise as �as I can. I go to the gym almost every day.
b)�You can't�get an A+ if you�answer your test as �as possible.
c)�Jeans can look just as��as slacks if you wear them with an elegant�top.
d)�For my mom, style isn't as �as�comfort�when it comes to choosing shoes.
e)�I work as �as I possibly can. I work extra hours every day.
f) I don't like dresses as �as pants. Pants are more comfortable and cool.