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Fill in the blanks with “am - is - are”.
1.      Anne   from England.
2.      It rainy today.
3.      Peter and Kate   French teachers.
4.      I   very tired today.
5.      The pupils in the playground.
6.      You  from fourteen years old.
7.      Pablo    Spanish.
8.      My schoolbag   pink.
9.      My sister and I Portuguese. We    from Viana do Castelo.
10.  My cat    white and your dog    brown.
Fill in the blanks with “has - have”
1.      My house got  four bedrooms but yours got  six bedrooms.
2.      I got two sisters.
3.      My sisters  got new computers.
4.      My father a new van.
5.      You got a big house.
6.      Marion  got many friends.
7.      My brother and I got many books.
8.      My friends got good marks.
9.      We got French pen friends.
10.  Our garden got many flowers.
Choose the correct answer.
1.Peter    a sister.
2.They  seven years old.
3.My teacher  a new car.
4.The children toys.
5.Susan and I  two sisters.
6.It   my cat.
7.Mr. Black  many pupils.
8.My baby sister a new doll.
9.Our parents nice.
10.  I a good student.
Fill in the blanks with “am - is - are - am not - isn’t - aren’t”.   
1.      Paul English? No, he . He Indian.
2.      They from Brazil. They  from Portugal.
3.      We judges. We lawyers.  
4.      Mary and I good friends.
5.        they footballers?
6.      you happy?
7.      I  a good player?
8.      he French?