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A. What Holidays are these? Click on the correct words.
1.                              2.                                        3.
B. What do people do for these holidays? Click on the correct options!

1.       2.    3. 

4.    5.      6.
C. Observe this:
Now complete the senteces with the words from Exercise B. You may change the verbs forms.

1.She her house with lanterns in Diwali.
2.We  a barbecue on the Fourth of July.
3.My uncle our family at Christmas.
4.Yoko and Ken a special meal for New Year's.
5.Mahima  lanterns at night in India and visits some temples.
6.I  fireworks in New Year`s.
D. Match these Dates and numbers! Type the letters a-e.
1.  December 25th                       a. Second
2.  October 31st                            b. Seventeenth
3.  July 4th                                    c. Twenty-fifth
4.  April 2nd                                 d. Thirty-first      
5. February 17th                          e. Fourth
E. Click on the correct words to complete the dialogs.
A:  is  pumpkincat.gif (4726 bytes)?
B: Halloween is  October 1st.
A:  do you do  New Year's in Brazil? 
B: We wear white clothes, and we eat a special meal!
A: Do you travel  the summer? fly propeller clipart graphics
B: Yes, we do: we usually go to Rio  July.
A: What  he do  the Brazilian Carnaval?
B: He  the drums in a samba school.
                                                                                  Enjoy it! Wink