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Reported Speech

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Reported Speech exercises
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Reported Speech

Exercise I.
Read what these people say and complete the sentences with He/She/They said (that) ... or He/She/They told me (that) ... .
1.                He said (that) he  lost  watch.
2.                    She told me (that) she  very busy.
3.               She said (that) she  go to the party.
4.                 He told me (that) he  to go out.
5.          He said (that) he  learning Russian.
6.             She said (that) she   very well.
7.       They told me (that) they   home late.
8.  She said (that) she  just  from holiday.
9.  She told me (that) she    a computer.
10.  They said (that)    a key.
Exercise II.
Use the pictures to complete the sentences. Use only He/She said that ... .
1. I met Diane last week. She said that she was enjoying her new job.
2. Betty didn't want anything to eat.
3. I wanted to borrow Mike's ladder but
4. Sally was invited to the party but
5. Sharon told me she didn't want the picture.
6. Martin has just gone away on holiday.
7. I was looking for Robert.
8. "Why did Steve stay at home?" 
9. "Has Mary gone out?"
Exercise III.
Put in say/said or tell/told
1. He  he was tired.
2. What did she  you?
3. Anna  she didn't like Peter.
4. Jack  me that you were ill.
5. Please don't  Jim what happened.
6. Did Lucy  she would be late.
7. The woman  she was a reporter.
8. The woman  us she was reporter.
9. They asked me a lot of questions but I didn't  them anything.
10. They asked me a lot of questions but I didn't  anything.