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Big numbers

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1. Read and write the number. Don't forget commas!!

a) sixteen
b) twelve
c) twenty nine
d) one hundred and six
e) three hundred and forty
f) two thousand and two
g) nineteen seventy one
h) one thousand six hundred and twenty eight
i) six hundred thousand four hundred and twelve
j) three hundred forty eight thousand two hundred and ninety nine

2. Now write the number

a) 129
b) 25,832
c) 99,213
d) 125,315
e) 489,257
f) 333,928
g) 999,999
h) 23,559
i) 1,572
j) 313
k) 39,248

3. Now write the years!

a) 1979
b) 1832
c) 2011
d) 1991
e) 2007