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Linking Words

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        Linking words  are used to show relationships between ideas and sentences.

Linking words or phrases can be used to add ideas together, contrast them, or show the reason for something. 

. Write a linking word. Use and for adding, but for contrasting or because for showing a reason.

The pig is dirty  he was rolling in the mud.

The dog has a new house  a bone.

Jerry likes to play the guitar  he doesn't play very well.

Mrs. Taylor is happy  her house was sold.


The kids may not go out to play  it is rainning.

Isabella likes to dance  sing.

She is 50 years old  she looks much younger.

Mrs. Davies is stressed  she is very busy.


George wanted to buy a new shirt  it was too expensive.

Patrick is smart  has a nice smile.

The bag is full of candy  it is Halloween.

Nicole wants to go home  she still has a lot of work to do.

- Select the correct alternative.
1. Alix loves the Beatles  her brother prefers The Cure.
2. Enzo couldn't go out to play  he was sick.
3. Caroline can play the violin  the guitar.
4. Mrs. Williams can't sleep  her husband snores loudly.
5. Dad works hard  his salary is not very good.
6. Last year Tiffany went to Paris  London.
7. We couldn't go to the beach  of the rain.
8. Phillip wants to go surfing  he needs to study.
9. My neighbour fixed his sidewalk  he wanted to prevent accidents.
10. The sea was very cold  my older brother went swimming.