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Talking about rules

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I. Chooose the correct options to complete the dialogue.
Meg: Are your parents very severe?
Bob: Yes, they are. They have lots of rules.
Meg: Really?  you have to clean your bedroom?
Bob: No, but I  make my bed, and wash the dishes after dinner.
Meg: Well, I  do that, but I  walk the dog and wash my father's
           car on the weekends.
Bob: That's not so bad!  you drive your father's car ?
Meg: You're kidding ! Of course not! I  even drive with him by my side!
Bob: That's awful!  you have to walk to school?
Meg: Yes, but I  get a ride with a neighbor sometimes. What about you?
Bob: My parents aren' that strict. I  walk to school, I  drive the
           family car as long as one of my parents is in the car.
Meg: I wish I could do the same! I  go now. See you!
II. Read the statements below. Then rewrite them with the same meaning.
Use the words in the box. CAN      CAN'T      HAVE TO      DON'T HAVE TO
Example: Wash your hands before each meal - You have to wash your hands before each meal.
1. Be quiet in church.
2. It's not OK to walk on the grass.
3. It's OK to play during the break.
4. It's OK not to clean the classroom.
5. Do your homework every day.
6. It's OK not to get up early on Sundays.
7. Brush your teeth after each meal.
8. It's OK to eat in the cafeteria.
                                                                                                        I hope you enjoyed it!