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My family worksheet preview
My family

My family worksheet preview
My family

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My family worksheet preview
My family

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Read the following text attentively.

Hi! My name is Manuel and I am from Vila Nova de Gaia, a town on the left bank of the river Douro. I am nine years old and I am in the 4th year.

I have got two sisters.  Maria is my baby sister. She is four years old and she is attending a kindergarten.

I have got another sister called Ana. She is eighteen years old and she is at the University.

Our parents are very nice and understanding and they are always ready to help us when we have problems.

My father, Marco, is a dentist and he is forty-five years old. My mother is a nurse. Her name is Joana and she is forty-four years old.

We have got three pets: a dog, a cat and a rabbit. The rabbit is mine, the dog is my  baby sister’s and the cat is my big sister’s.

We are a happy family.

A.     According to the text, complete the following sentences.

1.      Manuel is from .

      2.      Vila Nova de Gaia is .

3.      Maria is .

4.      She is .

5.      His big sister’s name is .

6.      She is at .

7.      Manuel’s parents are .

8.      His father is .

9.      His mother old.

10.  They have got pets.

B.   Choose the right answer to the following questions:

1.      Where is Manuel from?

      He is from Viana do Castelo.  
      He is from Vila Nova de Gaia. 
      He is from Vilar de Andorinho.
      2.      How old is he?

He is 9 years old. 

      He is 19 years old. 
      He is 90 years old.
      3.      What year is he in?

He is in the 5th year. 

      He is in the 3rd year.
      He is in the 4th year.

      4.      Who is Maria?

She is his big sister.

      She is his baby sister.
      She is his mother.
      5. How old is his big sister?
      She is sixteen years old. 
      She is seventeen years old.
      She is eighteen years old.
      6.      What is his father’s job?

He is an architect. 

      He is a nurse.
      He is a dentist.
      7.      Is his mother a housewife?

No, she isn't. 

      No, she is. 
      Yes, she is.
      8.      How many pets have they got?

They've got two pets.

      They've got five pets.
      They've got three pets.
     9.      Who has got a rabbit?

Manuel is.

      Maria has.
      Manuel has.
    10.  Has Manuel got a cat?

No, he has.

      No, he hasn't.
      Yes, he has.