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I.- Write the correct number in each picture.
1.- That bird is small and colorful.                                                        
2.  The chicken eats corn grains.                                                                
3. A duck has beautiful colours.
4. This parrot can repeat some words.
5.- My neighbour has got three pets; a turtle, a fish and a dog.
6.- That butterfly is beautiful.
II.- Tick the animals that you can see.

    cow         horse            sheep            frog         lizard        spider        fly

    duck     chicken       dog
III.- Complete the sentences.  
puppy       swan      kitten  
  rabbit      fish
1.- My  is tiny and cute.  
2.- I watch a  swimming in a lake.       
3.- Your  likes to play with wool balls.   
4.- Bugs Bunny is a who likes carrots.
5.- You can see tropical in Veracruz Aquarium.