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I. Plural of regular nouns 
Group 1: For most nouns, add S 
student - students       apple - apples
Group 2: For nouns ending in -X, -S, -Z, -CH, and -SH, add ES
box - boxes              dress - dresses
Group 3: For nouns ending in a consonant + Y, change Y to I and add ES
party - parties           galaxy - galaxies
Group 4: For nouns ending in a vowel + Y, add S
boy - boys                key - keys
Group 5: For most nouns that end in F or FE,F or FE becomes VES
elf - elves                loaf - loaves
Group 6: For most nouns that end in O, add S
kangaroo - kangaroos    piano - pianos
Group 7: For certain nouns that end in a consonant + O, add ES
hero - heroes           potato - potatoes
II. Plural of irregular nouns
foot - feet             mouse - mice
1 5
1. city
3. child
4. country
6. woman
8. person
2. dictionary
5. watch
7. fox
9. tooth
II. Fill in the sentences with the proper plural form of the noun in parentheses. 
a) There are three big  in my yard. (tree)
b) I eat two  for breakfast. (sandwich)
c) My friend's twin  are very cute. (baby)
d) My  are small. (foot)
e) I love . (dress)
f) Manaus and Belém are very hot . (city)
g) I have two   in my purse. (brush)
h) There are two  under the sofa.(mouse)
i) The sheik has many . (wife)
j) These  are very old. (church)
III. Change the sentences below to the plural form. The words in black do not change.
a) There´s a fly in my soup.  in my soup.
b) The knife is on the table. The  on the table.
c) The family is at home. The  at home.
d) That gentleman works here.   here.
e) This person has a great life. .
f) That story is interesting.  interesting.
g) This crystal glass is beautiful.  beautiful.
h) That lady has beautiful hair.  beautiful hair.
i) The thief is in jail. The  in jail.
j) This student is excellent.  excellent.
     I hope you've enjoyed it!