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Exercise 1 Choose between� who or which

1. Look! Here is the woman � always takes the bus with me!

2. The man, �talked to you yesterday, is really cute.
3. I have got a mobile phone �is really modern.
4. She owns a dog �looks very aggressive and scary!
5. He met the little girl �is in love with his son.
6. Spiderman has super powers �he uses to save people.
7. The notebook, �is on the table, is not mine!
8. My friend Paul, �lives in Paris, has a very long bus-ride every morning.
9. Harlem, �is situated in the North of Manhattand, is an African American neighbourhood!
10. You must stop eating food �makes you fat.
Exercise 2 Choose between A , AN or nothing
1. If you look at �factory, you can see �smoke coming out of it.
2. There is �American flag on wall street.
3. �advertising characters are running after �children to make them buy their products.
4.� The Statue of liberty is holding� �can of coke.
5.� If you want to go to Time Square,�take �yellow cab!
6. Do you want �strawberry jam on your toast?
7.� He's �amazing dancer and he has got �talent.