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Year 7 unit 8 vocabulary quiz

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Year 7 Unit 8: We'er going on holiday


Name: __________ Class: _____ No: _____ Teacher: __________ Parent: __________ Date: __________

First watch the video then type the correct words in the boxes below.

Part 1

activity, camping, depend, endure, experience, ferry, houseboat, island, provide, soaked


1.  : v. very wet

2.  : n. something that you do to enjoy yourself

3.  : n. an area of land that has water around it

4.  : v. to need the help of someone or something

5.  : n. knowledge or skill from doing and seeing

6.  : v. to suffer something unpleasant

7.  : n. a boat that people can live on

8.  : n. when you stay in a tent for a holiday

9.  : v. to give someone something that they need

10.  : n. a boat that regularly carries passengers and vehicles across the water

Part 2

nature, postcard, sightseeing, souvenir, sufficient, survive, terrible, tourist, universal, useful


1.  : n. all things that exist in the world that are not made by people

2.  : n. something that you buy or keep to remember a special holiday

3.  : n. someone who visits a place for pleasure and does not live there

4.  : n. a card with a picture on one side that you send without an envelope

5.  : n. the activity of visiting places which are interesting

6.  : adj. very unpleasant or serious or of low quality

7.  : n. to be everywhere or involve everyone

8.  : adj. helping you do something

9.  : adj. as much as you need

10.  : v. to stay alive