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1) Make possessive forms by adding 's or ':

  1. My mother nose.
  2. My sisters  names.
  3. Alice and John house.
  4. Artists ideas.
  5. My dog ear.
  6. Those dogs ears.
  7. Those men faces.
  8. His girlfriend piano.
  9. Their grandchildren school.
  10. Ladies hats.

2) Correct the mistakes and write the correct sentence. If the sentence is correct, retype it:

  1. This is the childrens' room.
  2. The friends of your little children are here.
  3. Is this your mothers' office?
  4. May I speak to the bossess secretary?
  5. The lesson of tomorrow is cancelled.
  6. What's Jane and Peters' address?
  7. The door of the garage is broken.
  8. This is a picture of my grandparent's wedding.
  9. Do you know John' new girlfriend?
  10. Write the date at the top of the photocopy.
  11. She writes for a women's magazine. 
  12. Is that Roberts' car?
  13. Let me have Ruth's and Jack phone number.
  14. Where are the pupils of Mr. Black?

3) Decide if the 's is a possessive (genitivo sassone) or not.

1.    Janine’s got blue eyes and blond hair.

2.    My sister’s room’s on the top floor of the house. 

3.    She’s with her friend at the movies.

4.    Paul’s dog is cute and friendly.

5.    I can’t understand what he’s talking about.

6.    We are going to Sarah’s to do homework.

7.    Where’s your brother? He’s at the dentist’s.   


1) Type the plural form of the following sentence in the boxes. If the sentence is plural, retype it.

1.     This orange is very nice.     
2.     That student writes well.     
3.     That house is near the beach.     
4.     This book belongs to Pam.     
5.     Those sled-dogs bark all night.     
6.     That Ipod is old.     
7.     This Science lesson is very difficult to understand.     
8.     That person sings badly.     
9.     This problem is easy.     
10.    These men work at my shop.

2) Fill in the gaps with this-that-those-these:

Daniel: Could you give me magazine on the table over there?
Frank: Do you mean   magazine here?
David: Yes, magazine.
Frank: Here you are. Oh, could you give me  newspapers on the desk over there?
David: ? Sure, here you are.
David: Is there an apple on  desk over there?
Frank: Yes, there is. Here it is.
David: Great, are there any oranges?
Frank: No, there aren't.
David: Oh, here they are, next to me on  desk.


1) Fill in the chart

subject pronouns I he it we they
object pronouns it you
possessive adjectives my your

2) Add the correct pronoun (subject/object)

1) "Does your father speak English?" " understands a little."

2) "I am seeing Lucy and Peter on Tuesday." "Oh, give  my love."

3) "Mr. Carter's here." "Ask  to wait downstairs."
4) "Where are your friends?  are very late."ù
5) "Have you spoken to Mrs Lewis?" "Not yet. I am going to speak to  this evening."
3) Chose the correct option:
1)  don't understand what  are saying.
2) "Who said that?" "It was ."
3) This isn't for you. It's for
4) I don't think  are here today.
5) "Where's your brother?" "That's  over there."
4) Fill in the blanks with the appropriate adjective or pronoun.
When Mr Pole, the History teacher, entered the class,  immediately noticed that something was strange! The pupils were standing behind  desks, in silence, but  all had mysterious smiles on  faces. Even Paul was quiet!  was usually so noisy! He didn’t recognize   ! He walked to  own desk and told      to sit down but no one obeyed!      looked at  angrily and was about to shout when       all started singing: “Happy birthday to   , Sir!"
Mary,  favourite pupil, turned to Paul and told  “Come on, give     present!”   gave   a big present! “ It’s for   ,  hope you’ll never forget  with this”  was a  painting of the pupils! Mr Pole was moved and told the pupils  loved    very much! What a day!
5) Rewrite the sentences with the appropriate possessive adjectives.

a) Look, this is Sarah’s sister!
b) Your marks and my marks are excellent!
c) The Bakers’ children are very cheeky!
d) Now, colour the dog’s head brown.
3) Pamela's skirt if pink.
1) Write down plural forms.
  1. dog
  2. box
  3. child
  4. baby
  5. man
  6. knife
  7. eye
  8. lady
  9. bus 
  10. fax
  11. woman
  12. watch
2) Transform the following sentences to the plural or to the singular. Change all elements that need changing.
  1. That man is my grandfather.
  2. The children are at school. 
  3. Where's your friend?
  4. These students are from Italy.
  5. Who's that boy?
  6. This isn't your guitar.
  7. Those houses are small.
  8. Why are these books here?
  9. This is my pen.
  10. Those women aren't Scottish.
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