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Song: RZA ft. Xavier Naidoo - I´ve never seen

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Listen carefully to this lyrical love song:
RZA ft. Xavier Naidoo    
" I've never seen... "
and try to fill in the gaps    

[Intro: RZA]                                                                                                 
You know they say
In  man's life, there comes a time
When he gets struck by the  of Cupid
By the love of God, or the  of a woman
And sometimes this love brings  into your life 
And it brings the , sing about it
[Xavier Naidoo]
There is more to love  this
Love is more than just a 
Will we  it to that step?
Will we do more than just ?
And will you bring the  in my life?
And the  in my eyes?
'Cause then there will be days of  where                
Everything  will be so near

[Hook: Xavier Naidoo (woman)]
I have never  thunder (thunder)
And lightning (lightning) like this
I have  been struck by (struck by)
A wonder (a wonder) like this

[Xavier Naidoo]
There are days where I can stop  about you
There days I can't stop  your name
And I am looking for  never to  from you have
Everything  and you still  the same

[Chorus 4X: Xavier Naidoo]
I've never , and there's never been
Anything, with the  of you

Yo, yo, yo
Aiyo, shorty, I've never met someone so 
From your  follicle to your finger  cuticle
Struck by the  of Cupid, this love is deep 
Like someone took my , sampled it and  it
To a song that's endless,  brings the tempest
I'll slay a thousand  to save my little princess
A walking  from God, you are my  star
The diamonds and gold that most men be  for

[Xavier Naidoo]
Days that we  are like treasures
A treasure like fire is to 
My hands will try to  you to ever
But since I've seen you, you've brought  to my mind

[Chorus 4X: Xavier Naidoo]
I've never seen, and there's never been
Anything, with the  of you