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must mustn´t Necessity or Obligation

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A. Complete the sentences using "must" or "mustn't"

1. You  eat in the class.
2. You  obey the traffic rules.
3. You  make your bed in the morning.
4. You  be polite to your parents.
5. You  write on the desks.
6. You  never tell a lie.
7. You  brush your teeth everyday.
8. You  fight in the class.
9. You  run across the street.
10. You  listen to the teacher.
11. You  come to school late.
12. You  learn the new words.
13. You  study hard.
14. You  talk during exams.
15. You  eat breakfast every morning.
16. You  make any noise in the class.
17. You  hit other students.
18. You  go to school everyday.
19. You  be quiet in class.
20. You  never swim alone.
B. Complete the sentences using must or mustn't and a verb from the box. 
go do light eat forget drive drink wear have work

1. You have got a cold. You  out today.
2. You are dirty. You  a bath.
3. Sam is a policeman. He  a uniform.
4. The meeting tomorrow is very important. You  it.
5. The room is full of gas. You  a match.
6. You  so fast. There is a speed limit here.
7. You are fat. You  so much.
8. There is a lot of work in the office, so I  late.
9. You  that. It is a poison.
10. You  that. It is against the law.