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smiley 026 Communication

Suggestion and arrangements

Click on the correct word in each sentence.

Sarah: �do something tomorrow.
Lila: Have you got any good ?
Sarah: �about going to a football match?
Lila: �a good idea. Who's playing? Liverpool and Arsenal.
Sarah: What time �it start?
Lila: �three o'clock.
Sarah: Oh, no! I'm �I can't come.
Lila: You're �!
Sarah: No, I'm not. �we meet in the evening?
Lila: OK.�meet at the burger bar at seven.
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Buy things���������������������������������������������������� ������������������������������� ������������������������������������������������
Choose the correct�word: Thank�� That's��� They��
��� 25p.����� much��� �pence���� �how����� please��� Can
Ben: How�are the postcards?�����������������������������������
Seller: �each.
Ben: And �much are the pens?
Seller: �are 85 �each.
Ben: �I have four postcards and a pen, ?
Seller: �one pound eighty five pence, please.
Ben: �you are.
Seller: �you.
������ bart