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PigThe AnimalsPig

-watch this video:
1-Choose the correct answer:
- An animal that barks
- An animal that has feathers
- An animal whose skin is white and black
- An animal that eats carrot
- An animal that seems like a bear
- An animal that has a yellow hair
- An animal that you can ride to go everywhere
- An animal that seems like a monkey
- An animal that has a big trunk
- An animal that has a carapace
- An animal that swim and has scales
- An animal that gives milk to the people
- An animal that has water in his hump
- A very big animal whose color is brown
2-  Select all the words in the wordsearch:
- ant
- goldfish
- fox
- eagle
- pig
- rat
- zebra
- turkey
- leopard
- octupus
- penguin
- wolf
- slug
- snail


3- look at the pictrure and write the correct noun: