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Fill in the past simple of the verbs.

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Put the verbs into the past simple!

1. I always   my friends about school. (tell)
2. He   come at four. (can)
3. I   a birthday cake yesterday. (make)
4. We always   tennis after six. (play)
5. She   for our dinner at the restaurant. (pay)
6. The children   good at skiing. (are)
7. We   some nice DVDs. (buy)
8. She   to catch Bill. (try)
9. The children   masks at school. (make)
10. I    to get some nice presents. (hope)
11. They   their suitcase. (pack)
12. They   out stories at school. (act)
13. We   a lot about this town. (know)
14. They   for a walk on Sundays. (go)
15. We   out paper butterflies. (cut)
16. He   his arm round her shoulder. (put)
17. I   blue trousers. (want)
18. We   a lot of e-mails to our friends. (write)
19. Ann   the flowers to her mum. (bring)
20. Peter   the poster off  the wall. (take)
21. She   for us. (cook)
22. In our holidays we   breakfast at nine. (have)
23. We   meat every day. (eat)
24. There   a snake in the grass. (is)
25. We   a lot of good books. (read)
26. He always   his homework after school. (do)
27. We   new trousers. (need)
28. We   at the pictures. (look)
29. He   sweets for Tom. (buy)
30. Liam   to see his granny. (go)
31. He   home to have lunch. (run)
32. I   a party on my birthday. (have)
33. Bill   her last morning. (meet)
34. We   them well. (know)
35. She   in the locker. (hide)
36. He   his finger. (cut)
37. John   her. (hear)
38. She   "hello". (say)
39. Mother   a lovely song. (sing)
40. We    in the lake. (swim)
41. He   on a red chair. (sit)
42. He   her everything. (tell)
43. We   nice holidays in Italy. (spend)
44. Peter   a lot of ice cream. (eat)
45. Frank   him the milk bottle. (give)
46. The plane   at six. (leave)
47. He   a parcel from his uncle. (get)
48. Sally   the hamburger. (take)
49. Sue´s hair   black. (is)
50. Sandra   with her aunt. (stay)
51. We   our granny in the holidays. (visit)
52. Susie   Freddy. (like)
53. She   pale. (look)
54. Billy   Sheila to town. (take)
55. Bobby   very happy. (feel)
56. My neighbours   a beautiful house. (build)
57. Tommy   the hens. (feed)
58. They never   hot milk. (drink)
59. He   me flowers. (bring)
50. He   the door quietly. (shut)