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Fill in the past simple of the verbs.

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Put the verbs into the past simple!

1. I always�� my friends about school. (tell)
2. He�� come at four. (can)
3. I�� a birthday cake yesterday. (make)
4. We always�� tennis after six. (play)
5. She�� for our dinner at the restaurant. (pay)
6. The children�� good at skiing. (are)
7. We�� some nice DVDs. (buy)
8. She�� to catch Bill. (try)
9. The children�� masks at school. (make)
10. I �� to get some nice presents. (hope)
11. They�� their suitcase. (pack)
12. They�� out stories at school. (act)
13. We�� a lot about this town. (know)
14. They�� for a walk on Sundays. (go)
15. We�� out paper butterflies. (cut)
16. He�� his arm round her shoulder. (put)
17. I�� blue trousers. (want)
18. We�� a lot of e-mails to our friends. (write)
19. Ann�� the flowers to her mum. (bring)
20. Peter�� the poster off� the wall. (take)
21. She�� for us. (cook)
22. In our holidays we�� breakfast at nine. (have)
23. We�� meat every day. (eat)
24. There�� a snake in the grass. (is)
25. We�� a lot of good books. (read)
26. He always�� his homework after school. (do)
27. We�� new trousers. (need)
28. We�� at the pictures. (look)
29. He�� sweets for Tom. (buy)
30. Liam�� to see his granny. (go)
31. He�� home to have lunch. (run)
32. I�� a party on my birthday. (have)
33. Bill�� her last morning. (meet)
34. We�� them well. (know)
35. She�� in the locker. (hide)
36. He�� his finger. (cut)
37. John�� her. (hear)
38. She�� "hello". (say)
39. Mother�� a lovely song. (sing)
40. We��� in the lake. (swim)
41. He�� on a red chair. (sit)
42. He�� her everything. (tell)
43. We�� nice holidays in Italy. (spend)
44. Peter�� a lot of ice cream. (eat)
45. Frank�� him the milk bottle. (give)
46. The plane�� at six. (leave)
47. He�� a parcel from his uncle. (get)
48. Sally�� the hamburger. (take)
49. Sue�s hair�� black. (is)
50. Sandra�� with her aunt. (stay)
51. We�� our granny in the holidays. (visit)
52. Susie�� Freddy. (like)
53. She�� pale. (look)
54. Billy�� Sheila to town. (take)
55. Bobby�� very happy. (feel)
56. My neighbours�� a beautiful house. (build)
57. Tommy�� the hens. (feed)
58. They never�� hot milk. (drink)
59. He�� me flowers. (bring)
50. He�� the door quietly. (shut)