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Travelling and holidays (present simple, be inter alia)

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 Choose the right option from the given ones. Do not pay attention to the translation into Latvian: Izveelieties pareizo no dotaajiem. Neskaidriibas gadiijumaa zvaniet man.

1.     This  (be) my passport.

2.    The room  (be) nice.

3.    The rooms  (be) nice.

4.    The baggage  (be) heavy.

5.    The keys  (be) lost.

6.    The double room  (be) comfortable.

7.    The single room  (be) cheap.

8.    The suite  (be) expensive.

9.    The towels  (be) fresh.

10. The flight attendants  (be) beautiful.

11.  The boarding pass  (be) green.

12. The tickets  (be) not cheap.


 Read the text, put the verbs into Present Simple. Explain the meaning of the given words without translating them. Do not pay attention to the translation into Latvian: Ierakstiet darbiibas vaardus tagadnee. Neskaidriibas gadiijumaa zvaniet man.

When people  (travel) then they  (need) many1 things.

First of all2 they  (need) to know3 where they  (want) to go. It  (be) not easy. There  (be) a lot of places in the world that people can visit, that sometimes we cannot decide4 where to go. In winter people  (like) to go to warm5 countries6, but in summer they  (like) to go to cold countries. It  (be) very good that we  (have) such chance7 to go wherever8 we  (like).  

When you finally9  (know) where you  (want) to go, you  (need) a ticket. Sometimes a person  (want) to go by plane, but sometimes he  (want) to go by bus or by car. It  (depend) on many things. Planes  (be) expensive, but they  (be) fast10. Buses  (be) cheaper, but it  (take) much time to get from one city to another11.

Another thing that  (be) necessary - hotel. A person usually  (book) a hotel in advance12. It  (be) a good idea to book a room in advance because sometimes hotels  (be) fully booked13 and it  (be) difficult14 or impossible15 to get a room there.

When you  (have) a ticket and a hotel, then you  (need) to pack your baggage. You  (must) take your passport and some money too. It  (be) a good idea to take your camera16, too.

If you  (have) a lot of money, then you  (not/need) take all things that  (be) necessary because you can buy them.