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Test 2 - situational dialogues / short converstions

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Exercise 1. Match the questions with the answers. Write the letter in the box (For example B). Sometimes there is one extra answer.

1. How are you doing at school?
2. Whatís the matter?
3. How would you like your tea?
4. May I take your order?

A. With pleasure.
B. Fine, thanks.
C. Iíd like a cup of tea.
D. With sugar, no milk.
E. I donít feel well.


1. How many chairs are there in the room?
2. What is your fatherís job?
3. What colour is your dog?
4. What can you play?
5. Is your aunt from Canada?†

A. Tennis and basketball.
B. Yes, she is.

C. He is a policeman.

D. Four.

E. Itís black and white.


1. Where is John?
2. What about Susan?
3. Shall I help you with the suitcase?
4. Do you like sunbathing?

A. No! I will carry it myself.
B. I suppose he is at the cinema with Jenny.
C. I hate it!
D. She isnít coming.
E. Thank you very much, it is really heavy.


1. How old is Mary?
2. Have you ever eaten duck?
3. How many CDs has Jane got?
4. How is your mother?
5. Can Sue cook well?

A. Yes, many.

B. Sheís got more than twenty.
C. Yes, she makes wonderful duck.
D. No, never.
E. Sheís seventeen.
F. Very well, thank you.

1. What does he look like?
2. Who's next?
3. Anything else?
4. Do you like him?†

A. Not me!
B. He likes his father.

C. No, that's all. Thanks.
D. Of course, I do.
E. He is quite tall and thin.


1.Would you like to play football?
2.What are you interested in?
3. What seems to be the problem?
4. How do you do?
5. Do you want a cup of co cocoa?

A. I'm fond of football.
B. I think I have a cold.
C. Yes, please. I'm cold.
D. I'm fine thanks. And you?
E. How do you do?
F. Sure, let's do it!

Exercise 2. What will you answer to the people saying: (write the letter in the box)

1. Would you like a starter?

† A. Yes, Iíll have tomato soup.
† B. No, itís too late to start.
† C. Sorry, I havenít got any.

2. What does your father do?

† A. Heís fine, thanks.
† B. Heís a doctor.
† C. Heís working in the garden.

3. And this is my brother Jack.

† A. Never mind.
† B. Nice to meet you.
† C. All right.

4. Shall I help you?

† A. Thank you anyway.

† B. Here you are.
† C. Thatís very kind of you.

5. Are you Adam?

† A. I am twelve years old.
† B. No, Iím his brother.
† C. Yes, heís a student.

When is your party?

† A. Sure, I will.
† B. See you later.
† C. Next week.

What time is it?

† A. Itís very cold.
† B. Itís all right.
† C. Itís half past two.

How are you?

† A. Fine, and you?
† B. Nice to meet you.
† C. Yes, please.

Where is my watch?

†A. I donít like it.
† B. Itís very expensive.
† C. Itís on the table.

10. How is your brother?

A. My brother is a lawyer.
B. Why would you care? Heís fine.
C. Heís fine, thank you.

I donít like Susan, she is so mean

A. Neither do I.
B. Either do I.
C. I didnít, too.

Do you know this woman?

A. Yes, I do. She teaches my sister Maths.
B. Yes, she thinks I do.
C. No, thank you. I guess sheís a teacher.

Would you like to go for a walk?

A. Sure, letís go.
B. I go with you.
C. Sure, we go now.

Why donít you sing a song?

A. Iím going to sing a song, but go away.
B. With pleasure.
C. Yes, please. I will.

15. The phoneís ringing!

A. Where is he?
B. Iíll answer it.
C. I donít know.

I think we should do some more exercises.

A. Yes, they should.
B. They mustnít do that.
C. I think youíre right.

Oh, Iím sorry!

A. Thatís all right.
B. Youíre welcome.
C. Yes, I am.

Thatíll be five pounds, please.

A. Take it easy.
B. Iím afraid not.
C. Here you are.

Can I speak to John, please?

A. He can speak English.
B. Hang on, Iíll call him.
C. Yes, of course I can.

20. How can I help you, Sir?

A. I hope so.
B. I would like to book a room.
C. Welcome to our hotel.

Do you like Stephen King?

A. No, not really.
B. Not too bad.
C. I like her too.

Beautiful day, isn't it?

A. Nice to meet you, too.
B. Yes, there's no cloud in the sky.
C. The day after tomorrow.

Could you pass me those chocolates?

A. Yes, I do.
B. No, you can't. They
C. Yes, of course.

24. I like that painting.

A. I like painting too

B. So do I.
C. And me not.

How is your mother?

A. She's 45 years old.
B. She's very nice
C. She's fine, thanks.

You saw her yesterday, didn't you?

A. Probably no.

B. Yes, I did. Why are you asking?
C. Yes, she saw me.

Why are you sad?

A. I'm cry ing.
B. Why not?
C. I lost my bag.

This radio is a bit too loud.

A. OK, I'll turn it down.
B. All ri ght. I'll turn it off.
C. Turn it down, will you?