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 Choose from the given options -can or -cannot..
  1. A giraffe  fly.
  2. A crocodile  swim.
  3. A dog  sing.
  4. A bird sing.
  5. A cheetah  run.
  6.  An elephant  climb trees.
  7.  A fish  swim.
  8. A fish  climb trees.
  9.  A horse  run.
  10. A horse  drive a car.
Look at the table. Children can do some things, but if it is not mentioned, then it means, they cannot do it yet.














(Play computer games)










 Mary    clean.
 Nick   cycle.
 Peter   dance.
 Mary  fly.
Nick   drive a car.
Peter   read. He is only 3 years old.
Mary  play computer games.
Nick  read.
Peter  jump.