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Fill in: a or an

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Fill in: a    or an

1. I want   ice cream, please.
2. Is Ken   name for a boy or   girl?
3. I need   exercise book and   good pen.
4. Give me   rubber, please.5. Sheila is   English name.                                                             
6. Tom is   very good boy.
7. She needs   English book.
8. You need   new English book.
9. "Top Ten" is   radio programme.
11. Have you got   brother?
12. I have   orange cat.
13. I have got   blue pencil  case.
14. There is   exercise book on the desk.
15. Do you want   apple?
16. You have got   old schoolbag.
17. She is   old teacher.
18. He has   English car.
19. Joseph is   Austrian boy.
20. Bill is   American boy.
21. Cindy is    English girl.
22. I like   orange for breakfast.
23. There is   handbag on the chair.
24. This is   old T-shirt.
25. Is he   English boy? No, he is     Australian boy.
26. Can I have    banana, please?
27. Do you want     hamburger?
28. Do you want    boiled egg for breakfast?     egg? - No, thanks.
29. Have you got     orange pullover?
30. I have    cheese sandwich in my schoolbag.
31. There is   empty glass on the table.
32. There is    atlas on the florr.
33. I have got    aunt in America.
34. Do you want    lolly?
35. Have you got      umbrella?
36. I have got    blue umbrella.
37. Bill and Bob have     animal.
38. She wears     uniform.
39. I do    easy exercise.
40. A Rolls Royce is     expensive car.
41. You have got     nice pet.
42. He has got     idea.
43. Letīs have     party!
44. He has got     headache.
45. I take     bite of the hamburger.
46. She sings     new song.
47. What     great idea!
48. I donīt like     orange blouse, I like      red blouse.
49. In the classroom there is    blue board.
50. There is     elephant in the zoo.