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Test 5 - Reading

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Exercise 1. Read the first e-mail. Than read the answer e-mail and choose the best answer.

Hi Mary,

I�ve heard you have a new friend. How did you meet him? What�s he like? Write soon.



Hi Isabel,

It�s nice to 1. from you. You�re asking me about my new friend.

Well, he is a new student at my school. He is much 2.� than me and has got fair hair. He�s really attractive!

You will meet him when you 3. to visit me.

See you soon,


Exercise 2. Read three short messages. Decide what is the purpose�of each message? There is one extra answer you do not neet to choose.
1. ��������������������������������������������������� 2. ��������������������������������������������������������3.

I know there is a school play tomorrow but I don�t remember what time it starts. Could you check and let me know?

See you.



Our team is playinga match on Friday afternoon in the school playground.I�d like you to be there. Come and cheer for our team.



Don�t forget to take warm clothes when you come to visit us at the camp. It�s really cold here.



A. to give advice

B. to ask for advice

C. to invite somebody

D. to ask for information

Exercise 3. Read the letter and choose the missing sentence. There is one extra letter that you do not need to use.�
Dear Grandma,

Well, it�s a month since I came to Tonbridge Language School. Wow, I am so busy! I get up at 7.00 every morning.

1. �I usually have� six lessons a day. In the afternoon, I study in the library and in the

evenings I sometimes go to a� sports club or a disco. I usually have meals in the school� canteen. The food there is

quite good. The place is really�� big. 2.��I didn�t know where to find anything. Now I

know where all the� buildings are and I know where my� classrooms are. I live nearby so I go on foot to all my

classes. 3.� I can� sleep a bit longer in the� morning and come home during the lunch

break. 4. �Do you� think you could send me some of� your homemade� chocolate


Well, I have to finish now. Take care.