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Test 4 - Reading

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Exercise 1. Read the text and match the headlines with each paragraph. There is one extra healine you do not need to match.

A. Where can I buy a season ticket?

B. Who can get a cheaper season ticket?

C. How much is a season ticket?

D. What kinds of season ticket can I buy?

E. Why is it good to have a season ticket?

F. Where can I travel with a season ticket?


If you make the same journey more than three times a week, a season ticket is the best for you.


You save time and money. You dont have to visit the ticket office each time you travel
and its cheaper than buying individual tickets. And, if you travel more, you save more.


You can choose the ticket which is best for you. There are season tickets for seven days, one
month, three months or a year. You can use them any time of day.


You can use the ticket for journeys between the stations shown on the ticket. Season tickets
are for short distances of up to 30 kilometres. There are no season tickets for long distances.


Any ticket office will sell you one. If you need a Seven Day Season Ticket, you can also buy
it at self-service ticket machines, over the telephone or the Internet. For a longer season ticket you need a photograph, so you can buy it only at a ticket office.


Children aged 5 15 and students pay 40% less. Seniors and disabled persons get a 50%

Exercise 2. Read the text and choose the best answer.


I want to be a policeman. I know that it is a 1.job but I am a brave person. I am not

2.of bad guys. I will 3. a uniform and I will have a gun. I hope I will learn

to shoot. I will catch robbers and 4.and put them into prison.

A. thieves
B. dangerous
C. wear
D. afraid
Exercise 3. Read the text and decide wether the sentences are TRUE or FALSE


Help us make the worlds longest chain of shoes!

We need your old training shoes for a special programme sponsored by Nike. The shoes will be recycled to make basketball and tennis courts, football fields, and running tracks. We can build one basketball court from 2,500 pairs of recycled shoes. We need a lot more to be in the Guinness Book of World Records.

So join the project to help set a record and build places for kids to play. If you live in the Washington area, come and bring your shoes to the National Geographic office in September.

If you dont, just send them to:


P.O. Box 98001

Washington, DC 20090-8001

Remember: write your name, hometown and country on the shoe.

The shoes can be of any size or colour.

Nike is not the only brand, we accept all kinds of training shoes.

Closing time: December 31

1. 2,500 shoes are necessary to set a record.

2. The advertisement is addressed to people all over the world.

3. National Geographic will collect only Nike shoes.

4. The project finishes at the end of the year