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Future Predictions

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A. Look at the photos and click on the right PREDICTIONS. 
         What will our planet be like in the future?
1.                       2.              3.
4.              5.         6.  
B. Choose the correct words. Then, type 1-4 to show the right sequence.
 Yes, they will. And I guess  will expand so  will decrease.
 What else? Hmmm... Probably a lot of  will die!
 There will be  ? Wow... What else do you think will happen?
 What do you think Earth will be like in the far future?
     Will  rise a lot?
C. Check this carefully:
Now, fill in the blanks with WILL or WON'T and the verbs in parentheses.
A: What do you think cities  (BE) like in the future?
B: I think air pollution  (GET) worse so more people  (GET) really
   sick. So, how do you imagine the future?
A: Well, farmland  (SHRINK) so food supplies  (DECREASE),
    then people   (NOT HAVE) enough food to eat.
B: Wow... life  (BE) easy in the far future!
D. Observe this:
Then, click on the correct options!
A: In the future, there will be  drinking water, so we have to save it! 
B: I agree. And I hope there will be  environmental problems in the future!
A: I'm positive about the future, so I think there will be  trees in forests.
B: Me too! And I guess there will be  endangered animals, so let's protect
A: Farmland is expanding now, so, in 20 years, there will probably be  food
    for people to eat.
B: Exactly, so there will be  hungry people on Earth.