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Fill in the correct pronouns!
Personal pronouns: I - you - he - she - it - we - you - they
Possessive pronouns: my - your - his - her - its - our - your - their

1. How much is the T-shirt?   is nine pounds.
2. Hi,    am Jenny.  Whatīs    name?
3. Are    okay? Yes, thanks,    am fine.
4. Do    want a lolly?
5. Shut    books, please.
6. Sorry,  donīt understand.
7. Here is a photo of    all wear uniforms.
8.   donīt like uniforms.    think    look boring.
9. Bend    knees and shake    hair.
10. The girls are not at school.    are at home.    are ill.
11. Bill and I are in  classroom.    have got English now.
12. Tim likes oranges.    likes them very much.
13. I canīt find    rubber.
14. Bill, are    in    room?
15. Look at the girl over there,    name is Susan.    is very nice.
16. This is    brother.    name is Bob and    is ten years old.
17. This is Sandraīs pen.    pen is new.
18. My friend and I go to the park,    want to play there.
19. What colour are  jeans?    are  black.
20. Ben and Bill have got a nice room.  room is full of toys.
21. Daniel like ice cream and   buys one every Saturday.
22. Tom takes    coat.    is cold outside.
23. Sueīs and Bobīs dog is clever.    dog can open the door.
24. The children eat    breakfast.
25. Fill motherīs cup.    cup is empty.
26. Is your name Ralph? No,    isnīt.    name is  Sandy.
27. Where is my rubber.    canīt find  .
28. Sally wants an ice cream.  wants strawberry and vanilla.    brother likes chocolate.
29. Fred and I are partners,    work together.
30. This is    sister,    loves cats and   best friend is Sheila.

31. This is my cat,   fur is black.