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am, is, are, arenīt, do, does, donīt doesnīt

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Insert Am, is, isn't  are, aren't, do, does,  don't doesn't


1. He_______________exercise on weekdays.











21.  I___________like milk.

2. We_________happy to see you.

22. She ___ all of her work at school.

3. We__________scared of spiders.

23. ____________you walk to school?

4. We____________ not very scared of  mice.

24. I_______________usually at school.

5. Nathalie______at home at the moment.

25. Sam____________good at sports.

6. He ____________ always in a good mood.

26. We___________at the pool today. (aff)

7. I _____________afraid of  bats.

27. I _____________the cleaning on Mondays.

8.  He ___________rich he_____________poor. (aff) (neg)

28. He ____belong to a sports team. (neg)

9. She_____________ not a student

29. I always____my best during


10. Kathy_____________her work well.

30. She_________in class early in the morning. (aff)

11. ___________you like icecream?

31. We____________live in Spain.  We live in Italy.

12. I__________like to eat chocolate. (neg)

32. He________know how to sing.

13. ______________you like chocolate?

33. ___________it late?

14. They_________like chocolate. (neg)

34. He ______________always cheerful.

15.  We______ not anxious about our exam.

35. We__________busy this afternoon.

16. What____________you do?

36. They_____ in the same class. (neg)

17. I________________a lawyer.

37. They________in different classes. (aff)

18. They_____drive to school.  They walk.

38. _________a skunk smell bad?

19. Massa________________at school today.

39. He________ understand the question.

20. I _____________at the park at the moment.

40. We _____________ here today.

Insert Am, is, are, aren't, do, does, don't doesn't
1.  I___________a good runner.
18. He_____ an intelligent boy.

2. Dany_______­__a good swimmer. (neg)

19. He_________a good job at work.

3. He__________his work everyday.

20. He___________very successful. (aff)

4. _________it often rain in India?

21. He________________tall he______________short.  (neg,) (aff)

5. The boys___________ like Sushi..(neg)

22. He_______________quiet he____________noisy. (neg) (aff)

6. He ___________________with his friends..

23. He____________earn a lot of money.

7. They____________together today.

24. He ________________in the army.

8. _________________Chantal  live near you?

25.  They______get up early.  The get up late.

9. ________you understand how to do it?

26. We____________very serious about our work.

10. The sun_______far from the earth. (aff)

27. They_____________at the restaurant. 

11. _____________it seem like a good idea?

28. The palace________________very big. (aff)

12. We___ like to go to the movies. (neg)

29. He___________a politician. (neg)

13. He____________always walks his dog.

30. I_________________an only child.

14. His dog________very big.

31. She___________a good teacher. (aff)

15. __________you drive to work or_____

32. They _________ at the pool today. (neg)

  you take the bus?

33. ______________ your sister like pasta?