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The definite article ´the´

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The definite article 'the'

1. Choose the correct answer
    a. are good for you.
    b. In Britain  is more expensive than .
    c. We had a very nice meal in that restaurant.  was good too.
    d. They got married but  wasn't successful.
    e. I know someone who wrote a book about  of Gandhi.
    f.  would be very difficult without .
    g.  is my favourite sport but I also like .
    h. Do you know  who live next door?
    i. Are you interested in  or ?
    j. Don't stay in that hotel.  are very uncomfortable.
2. Put 'the' where necessary
    a. We visited grandma in  hospital twice last week.
    b. Where did you put  flour you bought yesterday?
    c.  Athens is  capital of Greece.
    d.  North Pole is opposite  South Pole.
    e.  bananas are my favourite fruit.
    f.  Prince Edward is a member of  royal family.
    g. Cindy was  only one to wear trousers to the party.
    h. We all decided to go  home, because it was getting late.
3. Choose the correct option to fill in the gaps.
   a. Braille is a system of reading and writing by touch for .
   b. Many people were killed in the plane crash. The bodies of were taken away.     were taken to hospital.
   c. Every English child knows the story of Robin Hood. It is said that he robbed  and gave the money to.
   d. Those people with jobs have enough money but life is not so easy for .
   e. Agnes has been a nurse all her life. She has spent her life caring for .