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"going to" future vs. present continuous for future

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"going to" future vs. present continuous for future

Choose the correct for of the verbs in parentheses to fill in the blanks. Use "going to" future or present continuous for future.
This is a dialog between two friends.

Mike: "Hey Nick, what (you / to do / ?) after school today?"
Nick: "Well, first, I (to meet) Karen at the train station at 4:30 p.m.. After that, we (to eat) with her parents at 7 p.m.."

Mike: "Wow, it sounds like you have a busy evening ahead of you!"
Nick: "How about you?"

Mike: "Oh, after school, I (to walk) home and then I (to do) my homework. I haven't made any arrangements so I'll see what I feel like doing."
Nick: "Well, I'm really excited, because I (to tell) Karen that we (to fly) to Jamaica in December! I bought the tickets yesterday! Everything is arranged. We (to land) in Kingston, and we (to stay) at a hotel right on the beach. It (to be) amazing!

Mike: "Lucky you! I haven't arranged anything yet, but I also have some plans. I (to sail) to Jamaica someday too, but I have to learn to sail first. During my next vacation, I (to learn) Spanish. That way it'll be easier to travel through Latin America."
Nick: (you / to take / ?) Spanish lessons or (you / to learn / ?) with a book?

Mike: "I (to take) lessons, but I haven't chosen which school I want to go to yet."
Nick: "Good for you! I think we should hurry up and go to the station now because the weather is getting worse and it looks like it (to rain) soon!"

Mike: "You're right. Let's go!"