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 This year, the cities of Bartlesville and Dewey said “Happy Birthday, America” in style on Tuesday night, putting on fireworks extravaganzas for a full afternoon and evening of entertainment and fun.

Mother Nature cooperated with gorgeous weather, keeping storms to the south and east of the area.  In Dewey, last year rains forced officials there to move some of the events in Don Tyler Park.  City Manager, Bill Atkinson said some grassy areas of the park were saturated with water.  The stage ceremony which usually is located near the volleyball area was moved to the parking lot.

The children’s games were moved to the basketball court area.

Craig Epps, one the organizers of the annual Dewey celebration, said the event had a lot of entertainment this year, not only for adults but also for kids.

One of the most eagerly awaited events of the Dewey Fourth festivities is the annual merchant water balloon toss, won last year by city employees.

“We’re very pleased with the number of people who showed up in the park.  We know that a lot of people like to watch the fireworks from their homes, and this year a lot more people came out to the park,” Epps added.



1.         The __ made the organizers move some events. 


2.         The organizers planned entertaining activities for ____.


3.      Last year, the winners of the water game were __ only.     


4.    The __ were moved to a court.