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Some Expressions with Get

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Expressions with Get

A. Look at theses expressions with get. Match them with their meanings A-G.

1. It helps you get rid of disturbing thoughts.

2. Who do you get along with best in your family?

3. It takes time to get to know a friend pretty well.

4. It's really frustrating! Again I got to work late this morning.

5. I tried to get in touch with her, but she didn't answer her phone.

6. She sent him an email and two days later she got a reply.

7. When his son saw the new bike, he got really excited.

A. make contact with somebody
B. have a good relationship with
C. become
D. know somebody (or something) little by little
E. receive
F. throw away
G. arrive at/in

B. Complete the conversations with get or an expression with get.

1. A: Does she with her sister?
    B: Not really. They're always having a fight.

2. A: He sounds really quiet.
    B: When you him, you'll find him really talkative.

3. A: Do you prefer to   emails or letters?
    B: Well, emails are very convenient, but I love letters.

4. A: Did you talk to her about the party tomorrow?
    B: I tried to  with her, but I think she's out of town.

5. A: Why are you throwing everything out of your drawers?
    B: I'm trying to  some old stuff I haven't used for a long time.