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FCE Grammar Exercises�

Review of past tenses - 1
1. Please choose the most suitable verb form for the sentence
a) I was walking down the street yesterday. I passed the supermarket and suddenly remembered I� my keys
b) While I� the film, there was a power-cut
c) Did you know that�I� an airline pilot
d) By the time we ran back to the flat to close the window, the bird
e) Who �the bus at the time of the accident?
f) She was so angry she missed the party, the only reason she didn't go because no-one� about it�
g) I� a lot more football than I do now
h) My girlfriend� to the restaurant before, so she knew exactly what to order.
i) I forgot to tell you, yesterday while I , I saw that American man you like.
j) What on earth� when I walked into your room yesterday?
1. Please choose whether the underlined verb form�is suitable or unsuitable
a) While we had dinner, the plumber knocked on the door.
b) We didn't go to this restaurant before.
c) Apart from the delays at the airport, they were enjoying their holiday last year.
d) I didn't know you had bought a new house.
e) What did you wear to the wedding last week.
f) When I woke up in the morning I remembered exactly what happened.
g) 'What a disaster of a week�!' the woman thought. Everything had gone wrong!
h) We all wanted to believe her but we suspected she was lying.
i) Were you walking to work everyday when you lived in Spain?
j) We tried to cook yorkshire puddings, but we didn't really know what we were doing.
by Oliver Smith