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4 5 6

1. Strange or unusual.

2. Outsourcing: when a section of the company goes __________.

3. Action of selling goods in foreign countries for less than what they would sell for in your own country.
4.A _________ test: process done to find out the amount of money a person has in order to see if that person qualifies for government assistance.
5. Rich.
6. The amount of tax paid by a particular group of people. (felt as excessive)
7. Money that is collected for public use by the government through taxes.
8. Make something more difficult or slower.
9. Make something better or higher in quality.


  1. He   to his wife and children for losing his temper.
  2. She stayed with him even  he often mistreated her. 
  3. The company  the poor economy for its financial losses. 
  4. Take my  and sell your old car. 
  5. He is not  of making those medical decisions himself. 
  6.  He  the book from the library.
  7.   I don't believe that people should  children do whatever they want to do. 
  8. He grabbed my arm to me from falling. 
  9. She  her eyes from her book and stared at him. 
  10. She sat him during dinner. 
  11. The tax burden should be equally  by all the members of the community.  
  12. John has always been interested  music. 
  13. She  hardly bear to look at him. 
  14. She was  enough to stop driving when she got too tired. 
  15. The twins even dress .