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Natural Disasters & Extreme Weather

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   Natural Disasters & Extreme Weather
A.Vocabulary - What happened? Click on the right options.
1.                                2.            3.
4.            5.              6.
B.Vocabulary - Look at the pictures and type the missing words.
1. Yesterday, a terrible hit the rural area.
2. An awful   struck New York city.
3. Families rushed away after the   erupted.
4. Hundreds of houses were destroyed when the   shook the city.
5. The city was devastated as the  hit!
 C.Conversation - Click on the correct words.
   Then, type numbers 1-4 for the right sequence.
 B: When thestruck, we waited for the rescue.
           How about you? What were you doing when it happened?
 A: At school? Well, how did you go home after the  the school
 B: I was at school. I was doing a project when that terrible   !
 A: What a terrible day! Where were you when the storm  ?
D.Grammar - Observe this:
Now, type 1 for the action that happened first, and 2 for the second one.
1. He was reading  a book when the hurricane struck .
2. When the flood came , my parents were hiking .
3. When the mudslide buried  the village, most people were sleeping  in their
4. Peter and Gary were riding  their bikes when the blizzard hit .
Fill in the blanks with either the SIMPLE PAST or the
PAST CONTINUOUS form of the verbs in parentheses.
1. A: What  you  (DO) when the hurricane  (HIT) the city?
    B: I  (EAT) dinner when the strong winds  (STRIKE)!
2. A: When the earthquake  (SHAKE) the city,
         what  Peter  (DO)? 
    B: He  (READ) a book and his dog  (SLEEP).
3. A:  you  (HIKE) in the woods  
        when the storm  (STRIKE)?
    B: Yes, I  and it  (RAIN) a lot!
 4. A: I (RIDE) my bike
        when the flood  (HIT).
     B: Oh, my!  you get hurt?
Now check this out:
Now, click on the right words.
1. A: Did  get hurt during the flood?
    B: No, luckily  got seriously hurt.
2. A: I heard  died during the earthquake.
    B: Really? And did    survive the mudslide?  
                                                                                                                                                           Have fun! Cool