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What were you doing when the blizzard hit?

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Extreme Weather and Natural Disasters
 What were you doing when the volcano erupted?
I) Choose the proper news headline.
1.          2.        3.
4.              5.            6.

II. Complete the statements. Use the pictures for help?
1.When the hurricane        2.When the volcano          3.When the earthquake
,she .       ,they .       ,they.
4.When the flood ,  5.When the wildfire , 6.When the mudslide 
the dog .            she .                  , they
 III. Complete the dialogue. Use simple Past or Past Continuous. 
Tim: Did you hear about the storm yesterday?
Bill: I sure did. Actually, I  (eat) dinner in a restaurant when
      the blizzard  (hit).
Tim: Really? Weren't you scared?
Bill: Of course, I was. Some friends of mine  (walk) when
      the storm  (start). Others  (ride) their bikes home.
Tim: How  you  (get) home?
Bill: I  (not-go) home. I  (have) to stay in the restaurant.
Tim: Really?
Bill: Yeah. So I  (eat) dinner twice.
Tim:  you still  (eat) when the storm  (stop)?
Bill: No, I   (not-eat) anymore. Actually, by that time,
      I  (sleep) over the dinner table.
Tim: Gosh!    
                                                       I hope you enjoyed it!