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1. There are different instruments you can play in an orchestra. How do you say these words in your language?

Woodwinds (5 words) 
Brass (5 words) 
String (3 words) 
Percussion (3 words) 


But, there is one missing. Do you know which is it?

Can you decide what type of instruments are these?

2. Put the following instruments under the correct column:

piccollo   trumpet   flute    French horn  English horn   trombone   euphonium    tuba    violin  bassoon  
   viola   oboe   cello    rhythmic   melodic 
string brass 









3. Match these features with the corresponding type of instrument:
a.The instruments are made of many pieces of wood which are glued - never nailed - together.
b. Vibrations begin when air is blown across the top of an instrument, across a single reed, or across two reeds. Reeds are small pieces of cane.
c.they are classified as tuned or untuned.

d. they play a rhythmic role in some music, their sound is not produced by the vibration of a membrane or solid material.