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A. What can they do? Click on the correct option:
 1.                     2.             3.                  4.
 5.       6.         7.                8.
 B. Type the right words.
1. They can  very well. 
2. He can  well. 
3. It can't  fast. 
4. They can  very well! 
5. It can  like a professional!
6. The boy  can  a horse.
7. He can  very well!
8. This monkey can   high! 
C. Observe this:
Look at the pictures and click can or can't.
1. He  swim.
2. It  dance very well.
3. They  run very fast. 
4. It  jump very high. 
5. They  ice-skate very well!
D.Type the sentences in the correct order. 
A: you  dance?   Can            e.g.: Can you dance?
B: I  can!  Yes,                      !
A: high? Can jump she         ?
B: No, can't. she                 .
A: ride a Can they horse?    ?
B: can. Yes, they                  .
A: swim Can fast? he             ?
B: can't!  No, he                     !
                                                                                                                                                                                   Big smile Enjoy it!





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