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Complete the sentences with the following verbs:

behave        cheat           do             fail            graduate               learn           leave            pass           review         start           study          take

1. I didn't use to  so much last semester, but then I got really embarrassing marks, and now I twice as much.

2. We have a test from the last 3 units tomorrow. We must .

3. Everybody hated the new math teacher. We didn't anything in his class.

4. My sons always  their homework before they watch TV.

5. Have you ever tried to on a test and been caught in the act?

6. Before you can go to that school you have to a lot of exams.

7. How old are children when they school in your country? 5 or 6?

8. Are you allowed to school before you are 17?

9. I need to that test to get the scholarship.

10. If I the test, my parents will make my life impossible.

11. The teacher said he would send us to the principal's office if we didn't .

12. This is my last test. I'll  next week.

2. School Subjects

Match the pictures and school subjects.

A.                B.                  C.                  D.

E.                   F.                   G.                 H.

I.                    J.            K.                 L.

1. Math                             2. Geography                3. Physical Education                  4. Physics            

5. Trigonometry                6. Computer                  7. Biology                                     8. Art                   

9. History                         10. Chemistry                11. Literature                               12. Geography