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Don´t Give Up - Bruno Mars on Sesame Street

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Don't Give Up
Here are some questions. Watch the video and answer the questions.
  • How many of the little monsters in the beginning are blue?
  • One monster wants to catch a ball. What colour is he?
  • What colour is the ball he catches?
  • What does Bruno Mars do in the end of the video?
Here are some words from the song. What do they mean?
  1. to quit =
  2. to give an advice =
  3. to give up =
  4. He is lying =
  5. To catch a ball =
  6. luck =
  7. to skate =
  8. to move =
Now watch the video again and fill in the missing words in the lyrics:
      When you wanna do  that’s new
And it seems really.. Really  to do
 feel like quitting.. Feel ya through
Well I have some advice for you..

Don’t  up… Keep on tryin’
You’re gonna  it, I aint lyin’
Don’t give , don’t ever quit..
Try and try and you  do it..
Don’t give up……. Yeahh

If you  to catch a ball
But you’re havin’ no luck at
The ball hits your , it hits your nose
It  your belly, your chin and toes
Well try and try and 
 on trying to the end
You put your  out in the air,
you’ll catch the  ,Yes this I swear,

Don’t  up, keep on going,
You’re on a boat, so keep on rowing
Don’t give up, don’t ever stop
Try and try and you’ll come out on top
Don’t give up

You got yourself rollerskates, you  them on
And you feel great, you stand up
Then you fall, don’t  you can skate at all
You get back up, then you trip, you skip and tip and slip, and flip,
you try and try and try some more,
Soon you’re  across the floor,

Don’t give up, keep on moving,
You’re gonna get there, just keep on grooving
Don’t give up, don’t pack it in
Try and try, and you’ll win
Don’t  up, no no no
Don’t give up, no no no
Don’t give up, no no no no
Don’t give up, no no,  give up

Well done!

: ) Karina