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Stories: Describing Experiences, Events, Feelings and Emotions

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Stories: Describing Experiences, Events, Feelings and Emotions

1. Look at the pictures and choose a phrase which best describes each one   
 A      B      C  
2. Read the paragraphs and choose the correct options to fill in the blanks. Then match the paragraphs to the pictures:
A year has passed  she saw him last. This morning she was  sad. It seemed that the  of the busy traffic did not bother her. She kept walking, hoping to see his friendly, smiling  among the strangers passing by. Tears were running  her cheeks. She stopped. Suddenly she felt a gentle  on her soulder. Suprised, she  around. In the mist of the  snow she saw ... him.
It was a warm sunny morning. George was taking his oldest  Tom to the mountains for the first time. Tom  to be unusually quiet. The boy was absolutely  by the beauty of the  forest. He could hear the birds  in the trees and the leaves rustling softly. He could feel the  of the wet soil and dry branches. As the father and son were coming closer to the mountain foot they saw more timid little forest : a chipmunk flashed by as  as a lightning, a lizard hid under a log. Suddenly they heard strange hissing coming from the ground. "Stop!", the father commanded. He showed his boy a pile of leaves that was moving. That was Tom's first encounter with one of the sneakiest and  reptiles -- the copper head snake. 
It was a long day full of  twists and turns. First they got  because they had taken a wrong turn. Then their car got a  tyre and, as they were trying to change it, the rain started . By the time they got to the village it was midnight. They felt completely exhausted, soaking wet and  their holiday had become such a disaster. As they were going down the steep bushy slope, they saw very dim lights. The Abbey looked so mysterious against the  sky...
2. Read the paragraphs again and mark the statements as true or false.
1. The girl was sad because she hadn't seen her close friend for a long time.
2. A stranger touched her gently on the shoulder.
3. She didn't feel any emotions.
4. The boy and his father were absolutely safe in the forest.
5. The boy was annoying his father with cheerful chatter.
6. What they saw turned out to be a pile of dry leaves.
7. The deeper they went into te forest the more animals they saw.
8. The family enjoyed their interesting holiday.
9. Although they had a perfectly operable car they couldn't make it to the village before dark.
10. They came to the village before midnight.
11. The Abbey was lit by the full moon.